Automated carbon accounting for you and your suppliers

The only platform you need to measure, manage and report on carbon emissions across your value chain.


Complete carbon accounting made simple
Manage your climate programme from a single platform, get end-to-end visibility of the emissions across your business, report with confidence in line with international disclosure standards and implement a robust decarbonisation strategy with Earthchain.

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Save time, take an automated approach
By integrating with your business applications, Earthchain automates those manual data gathering, categorisation and screening tasks and gives you access to accurate data you can trust.

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Holistic Action
Climate Projects you can trust!
Earthchain's marketplace enables you to build a portfolio of rigorously vetted climate impact projects from around the world.






Real-time supply chain emissions   
Manage your supply chain emissions more effectively with Earthchain's supplier engagement module, which provides your suppliers with one source of the truth all year round and enables you to request and receives their latest emissions data.

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What our partners say
With collaborative work such as this, we aim to encourage the creation of effective and inclusive digital solutions to achieve the high-functioning and inclusive carbon market needed to address the climate emergency
CEO Gold Standard
At Fairatmos, we are on a mission to democratize access to the carbon markets across Indonesia. Our partnership with Earthchain will play a crucial role in our ability to make climate action accessible to everyone
Natalie Rialucky Marsudi
Founder & CEO of Fairatmos

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