Earthchain x Fairatmos: Partnership Announcement

Earthchain, an API-powered digital carbon marketplace, has today announced a new partnership with Fairatmos, an Indonesian-based carbon credit issuer. The collaboration will leverage Earthchain's platform to facilitate the sale of high-integrity carbon credits to Fairatmos' customers, creating a more transparent and accountable system for carbon credits.

Fairatmos specializes in providing carbon offsetting solutions to help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability projects in Indonesia. The company works with a range of projects, including forestry conservation, renewable energy, and waste management, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development in local communities.

Earthchain's Carbon Intelligence platform allows businesses to purchase high-quality carbon credits with full transparency. Businesses can also use Earthchain API’s to integrate climate action into their product experiences, empowering customers to contribute towards critical decarbonization projects around the world. 

Through this partnership, Fairatmos and Earthchain aim to provide a more comprehensive and transparent climate action solution to individuals and businesses in Indonesia. The companies will use Earthchain's marketplace and digital carbon ledger to facilitate efficient and transparent carbon credit purchasing for Fairatmos customers, whilst not compromising on integrity. The platform will provide customers with greater visibility and accountability over their climate contribution efforts, giving them the confidence that their contributions are making a real impact on the environment.

“We are on a mission to democratize access to the carbon markets across Indonesia. Our partnership with Earthchain will play a crucial role in our ability to make climate action accessible to everyone.” said Natalia Rialucky CEO at Fairatmos

The partnership between Earthchain and Fairatmos is a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future for the planet. By combining their strengths and expertise, the two companies will be able to offer innovative solutions that can help mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions across the region. This partnership is an example of how technology and innovation can be used to create a better world for everyone.

“We are delighted to partner with Fairatmos on their mission to provide accessibility and transparency across the carbon markets in Indonesia. Together, we believe we can deliver a real impact across the region” said Mike Barlow, Co-founder and Head of Growth

This partnership comes at a critical time when the world is grappling with the effects of climate change. The United Nations has declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Action, calling for urgent and ambitious action to address the climate crisis. Earthchain and Fairatmos are stepping up to this challenge by offering a transparent and accountable solution that will enable individuals and businesses to take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future.

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