Online Shopping and Climate Conscious Consumers

The modern consumer is more eco-conscious than ever.

88% of consumers would rather buy from a more sustainable brand.

The future is green, and now’s the time to future-proof your Shopify business.

Your Shopify store could do more to help to protect the future of our planet and meet the needs of modern consumers.

Are Trees the Answer ?

Many online stores take very basic climate action – such as planting a tree for every sale. While this is an easy, low-cost approach, it falls short on impact.

Planting one tree does not compensate for the emissions caused by the sales and shipping. Trees take decades to reach the point where they are effective at removing CO2.

Tree planting alone can lead to accusations of greenwashing. This means taking low impact action to make your store appear greener.

Today’s climate conscious consumer understands this. They are looking for a more comprehensive approach to sustainable online retail.

76% of millennials would pay more for lower carbon products

Take Certified Action Instead

For Shopify stores wanting to make a quick and high quality start on impact, there’s a new app available to help.

Earthchain’s Carbon Intelligence app uses your order data to estimate the carbon emissions of every sale.

You can offset your carbon footprint by supporting certified projects around the world. These initiatives reforest, provide clean water, renewable energy, and support communities.

Earthchain tracks every emission you offset on a low energy blockchain. This provides the necessary transparency and proof to your customers. They can see the results of your efforts on your impact dashboard.

Earthchain’s Shopify app brings effective climate action to deliver the most impact. No greenwashing, just demonstrable action.

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